Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Flower earring

Materials: mohair yarn ( any color of choice)
               2mm crochet hook
               2 earring hooks
               2 beads of  your choice
               needle and thread

Stitches used: ch- chain
                      sl st- slip stitch
                      yo- yarn over
                      sc- single crochet

Flower: Make 2

R1.  Ch 7, join with sl st to form a ring

R2. Ch 3

R3. YO, insert hook through the ring, YO, pull up a loop

R4. Repeat step 3 five times

R5. YO and draw through all 11 loops on hook, slip st

R6. Ch 3, sc into the ring

R7. Repeat steps 2-6 five times,
R8. Do not Fasten off, ch7, fasten off. weave ends properly.
Attach bead at the center of flower by sewing it. Then attach earring hook.


  1. Adorable! (wanders off, in search of hook and yarn...)

  2. super cute! i will start these right away... thanks!

  3. Oi, adoro teu blog , tudo muito lindo como sempre,beijokas

  4. I absolutely love these. Made two pair in red with a black bead. So saucy! Thank you.