Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Granny Bag White

materials: offwhite worsted yarn 20g(A)-main color
salmon pink 30g(B),gray(C), brown(D) or use your own colors.

MOTIF A: use B for 1st & 2nd rnd, D for 3rd rnd, A for last rnd.

MOTIF B: use B for 1st & 2nd rnd, C for 3rd rnd, A for last rnd.

MOTIF C: use C for 1st & 2nd rnd, B for 3rd rnd, A for last rnd.

NOTE: For making all motifs(motif A, motif B, motif C), one pattern.

Starting with motif A

RND1: ch4, join sl st in 1st ch to form a ring.

RND2: ch3, 2dc, *ch2, 3 dc* rep * to * 3 times,sl st on top of ch3.

RND3: 2 sl st in next 2 dc,( ch3 2dc ch3 3dc) in ch2 space,ch1,*(3dc ch2 3dc)* in next ch2 space, rep *to* 3 times,sl st on top of ch3

RND4: last rnd.2 sl st in 2 dc, (ch3 2dc ch3 3 dc) in ch3 sp,ch1, *3dc in ch1 sp, ch1, (3dc ch3 3dc) on ch3,ch1 sp* rep * to * 3 times, sl st on top of ch3. Fasten off, weave ends

Note: Make 2 of this MAT pattern, 1 for front and 1 for back of bag.

-Now make motif B, same as the given pattern instructions above, finishing with motif B attach to motif A.

-make another motif A attach beside motif B (pattern now is A-B-A)

-make motif B attach below A , make motif C attach below B and attach beside motif B of previous motif, make motif B attach below A and attach beside motif C ,pattern now is:

-make motif A attach below motif B, make motif B attach below motif C and beside motif A, make motif A attach below B and beside motif A,pattern now is:

Attach 2 Mat patterns together using main color yarn or color A. Facing wrong side of 1st mat put over right side of 2nd mat, join around in sc leaving one side open (for opening). Do not Fasten off,

RND1: sc evenly around the bag, sl st on top of 1st sc

RND2-3: repeat rnd 1. Fasten off.

Attach main color on the side of one motif, sl st along sides of all motifs ( front and back motifs ), fasten off, weave all ends.

FOR STRAP: make 2 using main color,
RND1: ch5, sc in all ch, turn

RND2: ch1 sc in next ch, turn

RND3-TO RND * ( desired length ): repeat Rnd2. Fasten off. attach strap between top of AB motif opening and attach opposite strap between top of BA motif opening. Do the same for the other strap on the opposite mat opening of the bag.Fasten off weave ends.

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